Finding Home Security Parts That Can Spruce Up Ugly Electrical Outlets!

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If you are strapped for cash, try one of kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget. This outlet was two-colored and looked pretty awful, so I devised a way to save money and get what I wanted.

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kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget. | The first of many mismatched color outlets in the house.

So, home insurance renovation especially the DIY kind, will bring down the value of your home. 

I found this home insurance estimator when I was searching for viable options, and they alerted me that DIY can affect my sale price when and if I decide to sell. Now, with that out of the way let’s talk about home remodeling and how much it can take out of you physically.

The story is I was looking for home security parts that could double as a baby proofing mechanism and still add some style to the overall home decor for the electrical outlets. I was in the store for what seemed like an eternity until I finally found some options that worked. Again my hubby was concerned with me devaluing the house and losing money since we had the lowest home insurance and essential coverage.

However, I am persistent; it was the same way when I secured one of the best high tech home security systems for next to nothing all because I followed my instincts and let me add that good home security systems are tough to come by. This girl was ready to makeover all twenty-five electrical outlets and have it not affect our pockets or insurance or future sales. Do you want to know what I found?

Snap on covers! In all colors, sizes and multifunctional to boot! Revamping these electrical outlets was turning out to be a breeze. I decided to start in the bathroom since I had some cheap remodeling ideas I wanted to try out, I figured that if things went left, I could always fix it without rushing or anyone realizing that I messed up the decor, you know what I mean?
Anyway, my outlets had an ugly as hell brownish ports and an off-white frame. I couldn’t in good conscience allow that to stay that way at all. I looked up the electrical code questions in remodeling just to make sure that I was going to snap the new covers on and not compromise the function of the port for the sake of aesthetics, because home I would have to be looking for a new home remodeling loan for bad credit! Ha, I was careful about these electrical outlets even if it annoyed everyone around me.

I ended up buying at least four different kinds of covers, the simple ones I used in the bathroom, turning the two-color outlet to a beautiful crisp white with no issue to the electrical flow, elite home remodeling couldn’t have done it better. Then for the kitchen and the living room where there is high traffic, I whipped out the chrome finish and the sliding ports honey! The ones that could be readily accessible to the kids I just snapped a full cover on it and made it invisible.

If you searched throughout my home, you would be pressed to find a single grimy looking electrical outlet. I firmly believe that as mundane as outlets might seem, you don’t think how much it can hurt the look of your home decor. Who said interior home remodeling was hard? Not me!

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